About Celebes Sea, facts and maps

Where is Celebes Sea? western Pacific Ocean

The Celebes Sea is located inthe western Pacific Ocean north of the Indonesian Island of Celebes and south of the Sulu Sea and the Philippines

What is the meaning of Celebes Sea? Celebes Sea in British English
noun.the part of the Pacific Ocean between Sulawesi, Borneo, and Mindanao. It is separated from the Pacific Ocean to the west by a sill that connects the southeast Philippine Islands to the northeast end of North Sulawesi. The water depth above this sill is 1,350 m (4,429 ft), but this is shallow relative to the depth of the Celebes Sea, which has a maximum depth of6,096 m (20,000 ft).

How old is Celebes Sea?

The basement age, chemistry and the nature of the overlying stratigraphic succession are consistent with the formation of the Celebes Sea and West Philippine Sea basins as part of the same basin during middle Eocene time (50 Ma±37 Ma).

What is the capital of Celebes?

Celebes is now referred to as Sulawesi.Makassar, the capital, was also referred to as: Macassar, Makassar, Macaçar, Mancaçar, or Goa, Gowa (not to be confused with Goa, the capital of Portuguese India).

Who is widely known as the sea gypsies of the Sulu and Celebes seas?

The Badjao / Bajau tribeis an indigenous population whose culture and livelihood are tied to the sea. Also widely known as the “Sea Gypsies” of the Sulu and Celebes Seas, the Badjao are scattered along the coastal areas of Tawi Tawi, Sulu, Basilan, and some coastal areas of Zamboanga City.

What is the salinity of the Celebes Sea?

In Celebes waters, the SSS value ranges around34.5 psu. A higher salinity value is found during NWM, which is around 34.5 psu. Furthermore, the halocline layer is present in the SCS area at a depth of 50-100 meters, in the Sulu Sea at 30 to 150 meters, and in the Celebes Sea at 50 to 200 meters.

The International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) defines the Celebes Sea as being one of the waters of the East Indian Archipelago. The IHO defines its limits as follows:

On the North. The Southern limit of Sulu Sea [From Tagolo Point, down the West coast of Mindanao to the Southwest extremity thence to the North coast of Basilan Island (6°45′N 122°04′E), through this island to its Southern extremity, thence a line to Bitinan Island (6°04′N 121°27′E) off the Eastern end of Jolo Island, through Jolo to a point in long. 121°04’E on its South coast, thence through Tapul and Lugus Islands and along the North coast of Tawitawi Island to Bongao Island off its Western end (5°01′N 119°45′E), and from thence to Tanjong Labian, the Northeastern extreme of Borneo] and the Southwest coast of Mindanao.

On the East. A line from Tinaca Point, the Southern point of Mindanao, to the North point of pulau Sangihe Besar (3°45′N 125°26′E) thence through the pulau-pulau Sangihe to Tanjung Puisan, the Northeast extreme of Celebes [Sulawesi].

On the South. The North coast of Celebes between tanjung Puisan and tanjung Binar (Cape Rivers) (1°20′N 120°52′E) and thence a line to Tanjung Mangkalihat in Borneo, the Northern limit of Makassar Strait [a line joining Tanjung Mangkalihat, Borneo (1°02′N 118°57′E) and tanjung Binar (Cape Rivers), Celebes (1°20′N 120°52′E)].

On the West. The East coast of Borneo between Tanjung Mangkalihat and Tanjong Labian, the Southern limit of the Sulu Sea.

The Celebes Sea is home to a wide variety of fish and aquatic creatures. The tropical setting and warm clear waters permit it to harbor about 580 of the world’s 793 species of reef-building corals, which grow as some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs in the world, and an impressive array of marine life, including whales and dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda, marlin and other reef and pelagic species. Tuna and yellowfin tuna are also abundant. In addition to high abundance of fish caught in the Celebes sea, this sea also yields other aquatic products like sea tang.

What is Celebes called now?

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Sulawesi(/ˌsuːlɑːˈweɪsi/), also known as Celebes (/ˈsɛləˌbiːz, səˈliːbiːz/), is an island in Indonesia. One of the four Greater Sunda Islands, and the world’s eleventh-largest island, it is situated east of Borneo, west of the Maluku Islands, and south of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago.

What do Elephant Celebes mean?

The work’s title comes from a childish German rhyme that begins: ‘The elephant from Celebes has sticky, yellow bottom grease’. The painting’s inexplicable combinations, such as the headless female figure and the elephant-like creature,suggest images from a dream and the Freudian technique of free association.

What is Celebes Sea surrounded by?

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Laut Sulawesi, or the Celebes Sea, is a basin enclosedto the north by the Sulu Archipelago and Mindanao, to the east by the Sangir and Talaud islands, to the south by the peninsula of North Sulawesi, and to the west by the eastern coast of Sabah.

What islands are near Celebes?

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Its area includes the islands ofWowoni, Buton, Muna, and Kabaenaand the Tukangbesi island group in the Flores and Banda seas. Kendari is the capital, located on the southeastern coast of mainland Southeast Sulawesi. Area 14,698 square miles (38,068 square km).

Is it Sulawesi or Celebes?

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Sulawesi (formerly Celebes)is one of the main islands of Indonesia, and the eleventh largest island in the world.

What is the other name for Celebes Sea?

Celebes Sea, Indonesian Laut Sulawesi, sea of the western Pacific Ocean, bordered on the north by the Sulu Archipelago and Sea and Mindanao Island, on the east by the Sangi Islands chain, on the south by Celebes (Sulawesi), and on the west by Borneo.