About Solomon Sea, facts and maps

Where is the Solomon Sea? equatorial Southwest Pacific Ocean

The Solomon Sea is a semi-enclosed sea located atthe western boundary of the equatorial Southwest Pacific Ocean, between Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

How did Solomon Sea get its name?

History records that the first European to come to Solomon Islands, Alvaro De Mendana, in 1568 gave the archipelago its namebecause he believed this area of the South Pacific was where King Solomon got the gold he used to build the Temple of Jerusalem.

Why Solomon island is famous?

The islands and waters are still a little known pristine paradise. They are particularly special fortheir remarkable biodiversity, containing thousands of different plant and animal species, especially the marine life. Many species are known only to the Solomons.

Are there sharks in the Solomon Sea?

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Bull, Hammerhead and Tiger sharks are present throughout Solomon Islands coastal waters. The timid Reef Shark is harmless, but, unless you know the difference, be wary of all sharks. About 50 people are killed every year by saltwater crocodiles. These are locals, well-acquainted with the ever-present danger.

What country owns the Solomon Islands?

Governance of the Solomon Islands (archipelago) is split between the sovereign state of Solomon Islands and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Both countries are constitutional monarchies and Commonwealth realms. In a 2019 referendum, over 98% of voters supported independence.

How big was Solomon’s tsunami?

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The strongest tidal wave registered on the Solomon Islands so far reached a height of12.10 meters. On 04/01/2007, this tsunami killed a total of 50 people. The biggest impact in terms of lifes, injuries, destroyed homes and the economy had been a tsunami on 10/03/1931.

What language is spoken in Solomon Islands?

English, Solomon Islands / Official language

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English is the official language, but Solomon Islands pijin is the lingua franca. There are over 80 different local languages plus dialects.

Can you swim in Solomons Island?

The beach is located just north of the Riverside Aquatics Complex and offers 400 feet of shoreline, sandy beaches, and is the only designated river swimming area on NRC Solomons.Swimming is permitted in the designated swimming area when lifeguards are on duty.

How many Muslims are in Solomon Islands?

According to the most recent reports, there areapproximately 350Muslims.

What is the most popular food in Solomon Islands?

The most well known local dish is Poi. Considered the unofficial ‘national dish’ of the Solomon Islands, Poi is made from rinsed taro roots and then turned into a paste. It’s a savoury side dish. Another traditional dish of the Solomon Islands isCassava Pudding.