The sea was named for the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, who navigated it in 1642. Its and Australian shorelines were explored in the 1770s by the British mariner Captain James Cook and others. With maximum depth exceeding 17,000 feet (5,200 m), the seafloor's most distinctive feature is the Tasman Basin. Yes, the Tasman Sea is part of the South Pacific Ocean. It is what is termed a marginal sea, meaning it is a simply division of an ocean. It is bounded to the west by Australia, the east by New Zealand, and the north by the Sea. The basin countries for the Sea are Australia and New Zealand, with several major cities lying on the Tasman Sea's coast. The region is primarily shaped by the Tasman's underwater mid-ocean ridge that formed 85 – 55 million years ago. The Tasman Sea is a difficult and dangerous sea for sailors. Known as “the Ditch”, the Tasman Sea is notorious for being unpredictable and prone to storms. Many people have lost their lives making the crossing and ships have disappeared completely, leaving no trace. It is regarded by many sailors as being one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world. Unlike many other bodies of water, wind and wave conditions on the Tasman Sea are rough for most of the year as the currents of the Southern Ocean collide with those of the Pacific. The Tasman Sea is 2,250 km (1,400 mi) wide and has an of 2,300,000 km2 (890,000 sq mi). The maximum depth of the sea is 5,943 m (19,498 ft). The sea water on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia – from which Tasman Sea is harvested – is of the highest quality, meaning that the salt does not need to be cleaned or rinsed during the production process. What creatures live in the Tasman Sea? Frequently seen whales and dolphins in Tasmania Long-finned pilot whale, Globicephala melaena. Common dolphin, Delphinus delphis. Sperm whale, Physeter catodon. Bottle-nosed dolphin, Tursiops truncatus. Killer whale, Orcinus orca. The waters most seriously impacted by ocean pollution are the  Sea, the , and Asian rivers. With a score of 8.14 out of 10, the most dangerous beach in America, according to Travel Lens, is New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Since 2010, the area has seen 10 surf zone fatalities and 32 reported shark attacks. In addition, 120 hurricanes impacted the area between 1851 and 2020. The short answer is yes, the Tasman Sea is notoriously known to seafarers as almost always rough. There is a window during the summer months from November to March when the seas would not be as rough as during the winter months. However, it could easily change with the variable weather. The Tasman Sea is a Sea region of the Pacific Ocean. Located on the East coast of Australia, the Tasman Sea is bounded by Sydney. How long does…

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