About Tyrrhenian Sea, facts and maps

The Tyrrhenian Sea has played an important cultural and social role throughout history, particularly in terms of international trade.Its strategic location allowed ships to connect from several eastern continents, including Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The Tyrrhenian Sea (/tɪˈriːniːən, -ˈreɪ-/; Italian: Mar Tirreno [mar tirˈrɛːno], French: Mer Tyrrhénienne [mɛʁ tiʁenjɛn], Sardinian: Mare Tirrenu, Corsican: Mari Tirrenu, Sicilian: Mari Tirrenu, Neapolitan: Mare Tirreno) is part of the Mediterranean Sea off the western coast of Italy. It is named for the Tyrrhenian people identified with the Etruscans of Italy.

The International Hydrographic Organization defines the limits of the Tyrrhenian Sea as follows:

In the Strait of Messina: A line joining the North extreme of Cape Paci (15°42′E) with the East extreme of the Island of Sicily, Cape Peloro (38°16′N).
On the Southwest: A line running from Cape Lilibeo (West extreme of Sicily) to the South extreme of Cape Teulada (8°38′E) in Sardinia.
In the Strait of Bonifacio: A line joining the West extreme of Cape Testa (41°14′N) in Sardinia with the Southwest extreme of Cape Feno (41°23′N) in Corsica.
On the North: A line joining Cape Corse (Cape Grosso, 9°23′E) in Corsica, with Tinetto Island (44°01′N 9°51′E) and thence through Tino and Palmaria islands to San Pietro Point (44°03′N 9°50′E) on the coast of Italy.

Tyrrhenian sea: is warmer and at around 23-25 °C. The water is cooler along the eastern coasts of Corsica and Sardinia and slightly warmer along the coast of southern Italy.

The Tyrrhenian Sea is a back-arc basin that formed due to the rollback of the Calabrian slab towards South-East during the Neogene. Episodes of fast and slow trench retreat formed first the Vavilov basin and, then, the Marsili basin. Submarine volcanoes and the active volcano Mount Stromboli formed because trench retreat produces extension in the overriding plate allowing the mantle to rise below the surface and partially melt. The magmatism here is also affected by the fluids released from the slab.

What is Tyrrhenian Sea in Italian? Mare Tirreno

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Tyrrhenian Sea, Latin Mare Tyrrhenum, ItalianMare Tirreno, arm of the Mediterranean Sea between the western coast of Italy and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily.

Is the Tyrrhenian Sea clean?

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According to new research,the concentration of microplastics in the Tyrrhenian Sea had some of the highest values ever recorded in the deep seabed: with data indicating up to 182 fibers and 9 fragments were found per 50 g of dried sediment at the base of the Sardinian continental slope.

Who were the Tyrrhenian people?

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Tyrrhenians (Attic Greek: Τυῤῥηνοί Turrhēnoi) or Tyrsenians (Ionic: Τυρσηνοί Tursēnoi; Doric: Τυρσανοί Tursānoi) was the name used by the ancient Greeks authors to refer, in a generic sense, tonon-Greek people.

What are the 3 seas around Italy?

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The Italian Peninsula is bounded by theAdriatic Sea in the east, the Sea of Sicily in the south, the Ionian Sea in the southeast, the Ligurian and the Tyrrhenian Seas in the west; all those seas are part of the Mediterranean Sea.

How far is Rome from the Tyrrhenian Sea?

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Rome is located in the central portion of the Italian peninsula, on the Tiber River about15 miles (24 km)inland from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Can you swim in the Tyrrhenian Sea?

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In any event, swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea, although cold, was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. I would jump any day, especially since I had my Roka wetsuit!

Are there sharks in Tyrrhenian Sea?

Other places where you may encounter sharks include the Tyrrhenian Seaand the Gulf of Naples. It’s important to note that there are both saltwater and freshwater sharks in the world.

Are there dolphins in Tyrrhenian Sea?

Common Dolphins are seen in the early summer in the south-eastern Tyrrhenian Sea off the island of Ischia(Mussi et al. in press). The species is also present in the Sicily Channel, with larger groups being observed around Malta (Vella in press).

Where is the prettiest water in Italy?

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Best beaches in Italy

  • Lido di Orrì, Sardegna. …
  • Atrani, Campania. …
  • Santa Severa, Lazio. …
  • Cefalù, Sicily. …
  • Ischia, Campania. …
  • Porto Venere, Liguria. …
  • Sperlonga, Lazio. …
  • Monterosso al Mare, Liguria.

Where is the bluest water in Italy?

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Acquafredda Di Maratea Beach

Located a short drive away from the village of Maratea, the Acquafredda di Maratea Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It has crystal clear blue waters accompanied by dark gray sand that makes it stand out from other beaches in and around Italy.

Which city in Italy is warmest?

Sicilyis known as the warmest place in Italy, and it really offers 12 months of lovely weather. How do you dress in Italy in January?

What is the coldest part of Italy?

Aosta Valleyis the coldest region in Italy with an average high temperature of only 0°C. The climate is predominantly frosty cold and in the winter months the mercury does not even reach the positive range. In the cold season, the maximum temperatures are well below zero.

Why is there no sharks in Italy?

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Europe’s mild waters are quite protected from sharks and their jaws. With its warmer seas, Italy recorded 13 attacks and three deaths, but it is Greece that has the largest number of attacks (15) and fatalities (12). The Old Continent has lost a total of 27 people to sharks since 1847.

Where is the best place to swim in Italy?

  • Petriolo Thermal Baths (Terme di Petriolo) …
  • Torrente Fer. …
  • Emerald Pools (Pozze Smeraldine) …
  • Zingaro Nature Reserve (Riserva Naturale Orientato dello Zingaro) …
  • Beach of the Two Sisters (Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle) …
  • Pool of Venus (Piscina di Venere) …
  • Rio Petrisconi. …
  • Gaiola Island (Isola di Gaiola)

Can you see orcas in Italy?

Orcas normally live in the colder Atlantic Ocean waters and only occasionally travel to the Mediterranean. The group – three adults and a calf – were seen swimming just a few hundred meters from the shore shore. The sighting is very rare in Italian seas, in 200 years there have only been 10 sightings.

Are there jellyfish in the Tyrrhenian Sea?

There are vast shoals of jellyfish in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coasts of Liguria and in the other seas around Italy. Only a very small proportion reaches the shoreline. These hordes of jellyfish are a long way from the coasts but at the mercy of the currents.

Where is the bluest sea in Europe?

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Best blue water destinations in Europe

  1. Dalmatia. Croatia. Rare are the regions that can be as proud of so many natural varieties as Split – Dalmatia County can. …
  2. Algarve. Portugal. …
  3. Sainte-Maxime. France. …
  4. Costa Brava. Spain. …
  5. Antalya. Turkey. …
  6. Zakynthos. Greece. …
  7. Gozo Island. Malta. …
  8. Mallorca. Spain.

Where is the clearest water in Europe?

Annecy. Regarded as the clearest lake in Europe, Annecy is home to a picturesque town of the same name – sometimes also known as Venice of the Alps due to its numerous water canals.

What is the most expensive beach in Italy?

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Expensive Apulia

One of the most expensive beaches is that ofAlassio in Liguria.