Brazil claims on the Baselines for measuring the breadth of the territorial sea and Outer limit of the Exclusive Economic Zone

lists of geographical coordinates of points, pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2, and article 75, paragraph 2, of the LOS Convention

The Blue Amazon (Portuguese: A Amazônia Azul) or Brazilian maritime territory (Portuguese: território marítimo brasileiro) is the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Brazil. It is an offshore area of 3.6 million square km on the Brazilian coast, rich in marine biodiversity and energy resources. The size is equivalent to the surface of the Amazon rainforest. The name is a reference to the biologically rich region of the Brazilian Amazon, with the addition of the adjective blue denoting the ocean.

The area may be expanded to 4.4 million square kilometres in view of the Brazilian claim that was submitted to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) in 2004. It is proposed to extend Brazil’s continental shelf to 900 thousand square kilometers of marine soil and subsoil, which the country will be able to explore. With the extension, the area will become more contiguous, including the areas of Brazilian archipelagos in the South Atlantic . The region with the largest Blue Amazon is the Northeast, due to the existence of several islands that are well spaced from each other in a contiguous marine zone (the island of Trindade is too far from the coast for the same to occur).

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