Translated from FrenchOfficial Gazette of the Republic of Algeria No. 183 Rajab A.H. 1439 (21 March A.D. 2018)DECREESPresidential Decree No. 18-96 of 2 Rajab A.H. 1439, corresponding to 20 March A.D. 2018, establishing an off the coast of AlgeriaThe President of the Republic,On the basis of the report of the Minister for Foreign Affairs,Having regard to the Constitution, in particular articles 13, 18, 91 (6) and 143 (first paragraph) thereof,Having regard to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the , in particular part V thereof, which was ratified pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 96-53 of 2 Ramadan A.H. 1416, corresponding to 22 January A.D. 1996,Having regard to the Agreement on the of boundaries between the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria and the Republic of , signed at Algiers on 11 July 2011 and ratified pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 13-316 of 10 Dhu'lqa‘dah A.H. 1434, corresponding to 16 September A.D. 2013,Having regard to Order No. 76-80 of 23 October 1976 on the maritime code, as amended and supplemented,Having regard to Act No. 79-07 of 21 July 1979 on the customs code, as amended and supplemented,Having regard to Act No. 90-30 of 1 December 1990 on the law on state property, as amended and supplemented,Having regard to Act No. 01-11 of 11 Rabi‘ II A.H. 1422, corresponding to 3 July A.D. 2001, on fisheries and aquaculture, as amended and supplemented, Having regard to Act No. 02-02 of 22 Dhu'lqa‘dah A.H. 1422, corresponding to 5 February A.D. 2002, on coastal protection and development,Having regard to Act No. 03-10 of 19 Jumada I A.H. 1424, corresponding to 19 July A.D. 2003, on the protection of the environment in the context of sustainable development,Having regard to Act No. 05-07 of 19 Rabi‘ I A.H. 1426, corresponding to 28 April A.D. 2005, on hydrocarbons, as amended and supplemented,Having regard to Act No. 14-05 of 24 Rabi‘ II A.H. 1435, corresponding to 24 February A.D. 2014, on the law on mining,Having regard to Act No. 15-21 of 18 Rabi‘ I A.H. 1437, corresponding to 30 December A.D. 2015, on the framework law on scientific research and technological development,Having regard to Decree No. 63-403 of 12 October 1963 establishing the extent of the ,Having regard to Decree No. 84-181 of 7 Dhu'lqa‘dah A.H. 1404, corresponding to 4 August A.D. 1984, determining the from which the breadth of the under national jurisdiction is measured,Having regard to Presidential Decree No. 04-344 of 23 Ramadan A.H. 1425, corresponding to 6 November A.D. 2004, establishing a zone contiguous to the ,Having regard to Presidential Decree No. 17-01 of 3 Rabi‘ II A.H. 1438, corresponding to 2 January A.D. 2017, on the and organization of the national coastguard service,Hereby decrees:Article 1An exclusive economic zone off the coast of Algeria is hereby established.The outer limits of the exclusive economic zone, calculated from the baselines determined pursuant to the aforementioned Decree No. 84-181 of 4 August 1984, are hereby specified using…

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