International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO)

International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO)

The aim of the IBCAO initiative is to develop a digital database containing all available bathymetric data north of 64° North, for use by mapmakers, researchers, institutions and others whose work requires a detailed and accurate knowledge of the depth and the shape of the Arctic seabed.

Download the IBCAO map  (230 Mbytes)

Please note as the file is large we recommend you right-click and save it rather than opening the link.

The map is based on the IBCAO Version 3.0 gridded digital bathymetric model. It has a scale of 1:6 000 000 and is based on a polar stereographic projection with standard parallel at 75°N.

The gridding compilation methods along with details of the bathymetric source data are described in Jakobsson et al. 2012. The bathymetric source data used in the construction of IBCAO Version 3.0 grid consist of historic and recent under-ice soundings collected by submarines of the United States and the United Kingdom, historic and recent observations collected on icebreakers and ice camps and information portrayed in published navigation and compilation charts.

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