Model National Law on Acts of Piracy and Maritime Violence, 2001 as a International Shipping Documents

It is up to the States to introduce the proposed draft model on in
their respective national legislation. The recommendation is consistent with other
international conventions and instruments already approved, such as the United
Nations Convention on the , 1982 and the 2001 International
Maritime Organization () Code of Practice for the Investigation of the
Crime of Piracy against Ships. The model was the result of a joint working
group composed of delegates from , CMI, the International Chamber of
Shipping (ICS), the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL),
the International Group of Protection & Indemnity Clubs (IGP&I), the
International Chamber of Commerce Maritime Bureau (ICCIMB), IMO, the
International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), the International Union
of (IUMI), and the United Nations Office of Affairs,
Division for Affairs and the of the (UN OLA/DOALOS). The
Model contains five sections: Definitions, Jurisdiction, Extradition, Prosecution,
and Report of Incidents. In order to facilitate the investigation, the Model
National Law contains a Code of Practice.