Cuba and its offshore islands are completely enclosed within a straight
baseline system totalling 1380.65 n.m. In localities where the coast is
legitimately fringed with islands, such as along the Nicholas Channel
(see Fig. 5.1 0), the baselines appear to conform to the general direction
of the coast, although particular basepoints, such as 30, are clearly
located beyond the island fringe. In areas which are neither indented
nor fringed, however, straight baselines have also been employed. On
the same northwestern coast near Bahia de Habana, the coastline is
almost smooth. The baseline segments 17~ 18 and 25~26 impermissibly
enclose large, shallow bays which do not justify internalization. The
average length of baseline segments in the Cuban system is only 11.14
n.m., but the segments represented in Fig. 5.10 are much longer,
thus increasing the infringement on the Common Heritage. The same
pattern of abuse can be found along the northeastern coast of Cuba
near Bahia de Padre (not pictured in detail here), where baseline
segment 38~9 is 49.24 n.m. long, segment 39–40 is 36.49 n.m. long,
and segment 42~3, which improperly purports to enclose as a bay
Bahia de Nife, is 45.47 n.m. long.

The total straight line distance between Usa and Cuba is 1250 KM (kilometers) and 538.21 meters. The miles based distance from Usa to Cuba is 777 miles.

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