About the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean in the world, about half the size of the Pacific. It is shaped like an “S” and separates Europe and Africa from North and South America.
Th e Atlantic Ocean is home to the world’s longest mountain range, called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which stretches 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) under the ocean from Iceland all the way to the southern tip of Africa.

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Only 30% of Earth’s surface is exposed land. the rest is covered by a huge body of salt water with a volume of more than 1 billion cubic kilometers: the world ocean. Twice a day, the oceans of the globe rise and fall by several meters. Tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon , and to a certain extent of the Sun , on our planet. the seas and oceans also move in waves —undulations of the surface of the water generated by the wind. Ocean currents , on the other hand, are movements of huge masses of ocean water along very precise routes.