the list of geographical coordinates of points, using the geodetic system ITRF-96, which are specified in the Agreement between the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the People's Republic of China on the Delimitation of the Territorial , the and Continental Shelf in the Gulf of Tonkin, which was signed by the two countries on 25 December 2000, and took officially effect on 30 June 2004. mzn52Download List of geographical coordinates of pointsDownload Vietnam straight Vietnam -internal waters-territorial waters-EEZ Legal basis for of VietnamDeclaration of the Government of the R.S. of Vietnam on the Territorial Sea, the Contiguous Zone, the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf of 12 May 1977Declaration of the Government of the R.S. of Vietnam on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured of 12 November 1982National Assembly's Resolution of the ratification of the 1982 UNCLOS of 23 June 1994 Results of the resolution of the delimitation of overlapping areas with neighboring countries Vietnam – Cambodia agreement on : Vietnam and its neighbor Cambodia has adjacent sea areas. Two countriesused to have historic dispute regarding their sovereignty and claims oversome coastal and regarding the overlapped , exclusiveeconomic zones and continental shelf, which remain to be resolved. The two countries sign an agreement on 7 July 1982 placing an area ofover 8000 km2 in the maritime overlapping between the two countries in theGulf of under the status of historic internal waters. Under this agreement, the two countries agreed to use the Brévie Line, aline adopted by Governor Brevie in 1939 as the dividing line of sovereigntyover islands between the two countries. In other words, by this agreement,the dispute over sovereignty of islands between the two countries havebeen settled. It was also agreed that the two countries would determine their maritimeoverlapping area at a suitable time. B. With ThailandA- Delimitation of Vietnam and Thailand marine area in the Gulf of Thailand:the overlapping area totaling 6074 km2 in the Gulf of Thailand is resulted from respective claims of Vietnam and Thailand. The two countries officially entered into negotiations in 1992 to determine the area. Agreement was reached after 9 rounds held in 7 years, which grants Vietnam with 32.5% of the area. The agreement was officially signed on 9 August 1997 and came into force on 27 February 1998.The maritime agreement with Thailand is the first of such agreement Vietnam concluded with neighboring countries insettling their maritime boundaries. It also constitutes the first pact regarding the Gulf of Thailand and in South East Asia since the coming into force of 1982 UNCLOS. Accordingly, the boundary is the straight line from defined point K to point C. The line also constitutes the single boundary of the overlapped continental shelf and of the EEZ between Thailand and Vietnam. C. With China1. Geographical description:The Tonkin Gulf is one of the world's largest gulfs with the total area of 126,250 square kilometers (36,000 square nautical miles).…

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