York-Antwerp Rules, 2004 as a International Shipping Documents (pdf)

The York-Antwerp Rules are by far the most widely accepted international document
in the shipping industry. Its first version adopted goes back to the 1954
Comité Maritime International (CMI) International Conference, and new amendments
were made in Hamburg 1974, Sidney 1994, and Vancouver 2004. In the
adjustment of any extraordinary sacrifice or expenditure intentionally, and reasonably
made or incurred for the common safety with the purpose of preserving
from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure, the Rules shall
apply to the exclusion of any national law and practice inconsistent therewith.
However, the Rules shall apply only if the parties involved have so agreed, either
by an incorporating clause in the bill of lading or by reference in any other document
of maritime transport. The structure is composed of, in addition to the Rule
of Interpretation and the Rule Paramount, seven alphabetical rules (A to G), rules
of definitions, and twenty-three numbered rules of cases (jettison of cargo, extinguishing
fire on shipboard, cutting away wreck, salvage remuneration, expenses
port of refugees, port repairs, etc.).