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IILSS-INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LAW OF THE SEA STUDIES as an NGO working on the law of the sea and maritime law issues. at the present website you can see fundamental conventions about law of the sea and also read law of the sea cases, which this is divided to specific category.

The Institute will make every effort to use this institution as a venue for expert, academic and official meetings on issues related to the law of the Sea, The other principal tasks and purposes of the Institute are as follows:

Present information and analytical materials and articles, expert assessments, recommendations and proposals for academic and official researchers.
Study cooperation and relationships between the countries.
Academic and practical descriptions, analysis and predictions of political, socialist and economic processes and events in the countries.
Support and attract young, capable and dynamic professionals.
The Institute IILSS publishes new articles and analytical materials on the institute’s website and is ready to interact and cooperate with all institutions, official and unofficial bodies, higher education institutions and research centers or with any country.

we provide some lecture and other resource in IILSS.

our e-mail for contacting: info{@}