Typology of Marine Spaces

In summary, spatial jurisdiction comprises both complete spatial jurisdiction (= territorial sovereignty) and limited spatial jurisdiction (= sovereign rights). In either case, it must be stressed that coastal State jurisdiction over marine spaces is spatial by nature. It follows from the above discussion that marine spaces in the law of the sea can be categorised as follows :
(i) Marine spaces under national jurisdiction
(a) Marine spaces under territorial sovereignty (or complete spatial jurisdiction): internal waters, the territorial sea, international straits, and archipelagic waters.
(b) Marine spaces under sovereign rights (or limited spatial jurisdiction): the contiguous zone (where the EEZ is established), the EEZ and the continental shelf.
(ii) Marine spaces beyond national jurisdiction the high seas and the Area., Typology of Marine Spaces, archipelagic waters, beyond national jurisdiction, contiguous zone, High seas, internal waters, international straits, jurisdictional zones, national jurisdiction, territorial seas, Typology of Marine Spaces

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