maritime boundaries between Sweden and Lithuania

The Agreement between the Government of Lithuania and the Government of Sweden concerning Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary of the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf in the Baltic Sea was initialed at the meeting of delegations of Lithuania and Sweden on 23 December 2014 in Vilnius. The countries plan to sign the agreement in 2014. The Lithuanian-Swedish maritime boundary, which has a length of about 15 kilometers, is being delimited for the first time in history. The agreement establishes a single maritime boundary, dividing the continental shelf and exclusive economic zones (EEZ) between the parties. The boundary extends for a distance of about 8 nautical miles (M) and consists of four turning points, of which one is also a definitive terminal point. The northern terminal point, on the other hand, stops just short of the hypothetical tripoint that will have to be settled by means of direct negotiations between all the parties concerned, including Latvia.

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