maritime boundaries between Denmark and Poland

An equidistance-based maritime boundary between Denmark (Bornholm) and Poland would extend generally eastwards then northeast for approximately 70 nm to a Denmark-Poland-Sweden tripoint in the vicinity of the western terminus
of the Poland-Sweden continental shelf and fishing zones boundary of 1989. Article 2 of the 1989 treaty defines the western end of the boundary, Point A, as being located at 55° 21,640’ N, 16° 32,000’ E. West of Point A it is stated that the boundary ‘shall extend as far as the points on which agreement is reached with any third State concerned’. Thus, the western tripoint with Germany appears to be somewhat better defined than that with Sweden, though neither should present the parties with particular difficulties as equidistance is accepted as the basis for the Denmark (Bornholm)-Poland delimitation.

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