is applicable to . In this regard, Article52(1) of the provides:Subject to article 53 [right of archipelagic lanes passage] and without prejudice to article50 [ of ], ships of all States enjoy the right of innocent passagethrough archipelagic waters, in accordance with Part II, section 3 [the right of innocent passagein the sea].The right of innocent passage in archipelagic waters is essentially parallel to the right ofinnocent passage in the . Accordingly, under Article 52(2), the archipelagicState may suspend temporarily the right of innocent passage in archipelagic waters if suchsuspension is essential for the protection of its . Part IV of the LOSC holds noprovision concerning and other underwater vehicles. Like the right of innocentpassage in the territorial sea, it seems that submarines and other underwater vehicles will be required to navigate on the surface and to show their flag in archipelagic waters. The rightof innocent passage in archipelagic waters contains no freedom of overflight.

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