Baselines Drawn under Article 4 ( LOSC Article 7) which Subvert Other Convention Provisions, Madagascar case

Madagascar has established straight baseline segments totalling
1577.3 nautical miles. The average length of segment is 42.7 n.m. Two
segments measure over 100 n.m. 64 Although the northwestern coast
arguably meets the Article 4 (LOSC Article 7) deeply indented or
fringed tests in some localities, the remainder of the coastline is quite
smooth with a host of mere curvatures from segments 12 to 29 (see
Fig. 5.21) and from segment’s 33 to 38 (not pictured). These indentations
would be failed bays under Article 7 (LOSC Article 1 0) rules and
their presence does not make for a deeply indented coastline. Although
some basepoints may arguably be located on fringing islands, the
majority of these enclosures are questionable.

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