the list of geographical coordinates of points for the drawing of straight , and charts showing the straight baselines and the outer limit lines of the territorial sea, the and the exclusive economic zone. The list of geographical coordinates and charts are annexed as Annex I and II, respectively, to the Law No. 17.033 of 20 November 1998 on the of the Republic of Uruguay mzn30Download List of geographical coordinates of pointsDownload Acceso al Atlantico Sur y Río de la Plata desde Faro del Chuy hasta Puerto Sauce y Cabo San Antonio Straight Baselines : Uruguay is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, andArgentina to the west. The southeast coastline of Uruguay faces the South AtlanticOcean and its southern coastline fronts on the Rio de la Plata. Overall, the entireUruguayan coastline from its border with Brazil to the entrance of the Rio de la Plata issmooth with no major indentations. The mainland coastline does not contain localitiesthat are “deeply indented and cut into” or where there is “a fringe of .” With theexception of a few isolated islets, there are no islands.Article 14 of its Act No. 17.033 of 20 November 1998 sets forth Uruguay's baselineclaim (the geographical coordinates of the straight baseline turning points arereproduced in Annex 1 of this study) and states:The baseline for the measurement of the breadth of the territorial sea and ofother maritime areas of Uruguay are the normal and straight baselinesestablished in annex I (list of geographical coordinates and features specifyingthe baselines) of this Act, including the straight line which marks the outer limit ofthe Rio de la Plata from the maritime lateral limit with the Argentine Republic toPunta del Este, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty concerning theRio de la Plata and the corresponding of 19 November 1973.The delineation of these lines is shown on the nautical charts which are annexedhereto as Annex II to this Act.Uruguay has created 13 straight baseline segments ranging in length from 60 miles(segment 1-2 across its half of the mouth of the Rio de la Plata) to 0.3 miles (segment16-17; see Table 1). Starting in the south, Uruguay's first baseline segment of approximately 60 miles connects points 1-2 and is a part of the Rio de la Plata that it established in an agreement with . On November 19, 1973, Uruguay and Argentina signed a treaty defining their lateral maritime boundary in the Rio de la Plata and a seaward of the river closing line. One provision of this treaty reaffirmed the closing line at the mouth of the Rio de la Plata between Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Punta Rasa del Cabo San Antonio (Argentina) established in the Joint Declaration on the External Limit of the Rio de la Plata of 1961 and the Protocol of the Rio de la Plata of 1964. This Rio de la Plata closing line claim was protested by the United…

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