a list of geographical coordinates of points defining the of , as contained in the Notifications of the Government of India dated 11 May 2009 and 20 November 2009 ind_mzn7x_2009Download mzn76efDownload Such acquisition of waters may strengthen India's claim on the region but would violate Article 7(3) of the 1982 Convention that states that – “The drawing of must not depart to any appreciable extent from the general direction of the coast, and the areas lying within the lines must be sufficiently closely linked to the domain to be subject to the regime of .”   Such also hold the potential of violating sub clause 5 of the same Article which states that – “Where the method of straight baselines is applicable under paragraph 1, account may be taken, in determining particular baselines, of peculiar to the region concerned, the reality and the importance of which are clearly evidenced by long usage.”

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