maritime boundaries between Denmark and Sweden

Denmark and Sweden maritime boundaries(in territorial sea and continental shelf) based on equidistance-median line system. on 30 January 1932, Denmark and Sweden concluded a territorial sea boundary stretching 63nm through the Oresund. The territorial waters (12 nautical miles) of Denmark form a border with Sweden along the Øresund, extending to 115 km.

also, Sweden gave full weight to Bornholm in the construction of a simplified equidistance line in its delimitation agreement with Denmark of 1984. However, it should be noted in connection with this delimitation that political and strategic delimitation considerations were important. in concluding a delimitation giving full weight to Bornholm, Denmark and Sweden apparently felt that this ‘would strengthen the Danish position vis-à-vis the GDR [German Democratic Republic] and Poland and the Swedish position in support of full effect for Gotland vis-à-vis Poland and the USSR’. Nevertheless, Bornholm is a relatively large (588 km2) island with a population of around 44,000, and is thus no inconsequential islet that could be readily discounted

maritime boundaries in Baltic sea
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