maritime boundaries between Germany and Sweden

such an agreement in 1974 delimiting the waters of Lübeck Bay. Since both Germanies were also admitted as members to the United Nations in 1973, it moreover opened the door for the conclusion of agreements between the two blocs, a typical feature of the maritime delimitation agreements concluded during this period. In 1978, for instance, the former German Democratic Republic settled its continental shelf delimitation with Sweden. No matter how important all these
agreements may have been from a political point of view, their importance from a maritime delimitation point of view remained rather slim. The 1974 agreement between the two Germanies only concerned a maritime boundary line of about 8 nm and the 1978 agreement between the former German Democratic Republic and Sweden was rather easy to
determine, because of the absence of any special features in the area to be delimited, and rather short as well, for the delimitation line finally agreed upon only had an overall length of 29 nm.

Baltic Sea Protected Areas in 2008

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