maritime boundaries between Italy and Algeria

The Joint Technical Committee in charge of the delimitation of maritime borders between Algeria and Italy, was officially installed in Algiers, on the occasion of the visit to Algeria of Italian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The Government of Algeria wishes to point out that the establishment of the exclusive economic zone of Algeria is set against the background of national law and the exercise by Algeria of its sovereign rights in that zone, as recognized under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and international law.
As a result, the delimitation of the exclusive economic zone of Algeria took into consideration the objective rules and relevant principles of international law, thus ensuring the just and equitable delimitation of maritime spaces between Algeria and Italy, in accordance with article 74 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
The new Algerian EEZ touches Sardinia and, in the first analysis, does not seem to take into account the concept of reciprocity in the division of areas of interest.
Italy with Saipem near Cyprus has already encountered the first difficulties in establishing the rules of the game for the respect of international law: everything has closed temporarily, with an “all at home”.
Italy has not yet defined an EEZ and has made reservations, with regard to the situation in the Mediterranean, at the time of signing and ratifying the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea.

The national interest is to preserve the areas of relevance of Italy on which to exercise its right or its sovereignty according to international law.
Algeria preceded us in the determination of a right that went, at least negotiated with us: it did not happen.
Italy has the need to return to make active foreign policy, to be relevant in the international field, after all it is one of the G7 countries, otherwise we will be unsuccessful with all the countries that surround us: nobody excluded.

algeria straight baseline-internal waters and territorial waters

Map of the reserved fishing zone of Algeria.
Algeria and Tunisia provisional delimitation of their overlapping maritime entitlements in the central Mediterranean Sea, source:

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